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VISTA Leader

Cedar Falls, IA, USA

Job Type

Full Time, Year Long, AmeriCorps VISTA Leader

About the Role

VISTA Leaders are instrumental to their programs’ recruitment efforts as well as their fellow members’ quality of life. In this role, you will:

- Enrich the service experience for members through active support, listening, and collaboration. This will call on your abilities to build community among a statewide cohort of VISTAs. You will also empathize with and develop solutions for members, and prepare members for life after service, including pathways into employment, further education, or further AmeriCorps service.

- You will consequently become an expert on the rules and inner workings of federally funded programs, public benefit programs such as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), and best practices of workforce development.

- You will also frequently collaborate on members’ projects and become well-versed in our entire portfolio of local food and hunger intervention programs.

As a face of the CFS VISTA Project, you will frequently lead recruitment and program development initiatives, establishing new talent pools and ensuring each cohort of VISTA positions is filled by quality applicants who are passionate about food and social justice.


The VISTA Leader will earn a biweekly living allowance totaling $20,000 over the entire year, and is eligible for a post-service benefit of either the Segal education award (Currently $6,895 - equal to the value of a full semester Pell Grant) or a cash alternative ($3,000).

VISTAs are also eligible for over $8,000 in supplemental medical benefits, a childcare subsidy, paid sick and vacation days, and Noncompetitive Eligibility when applying for federal employment for 1 year after completing service. As a position based at our main office at UNI-CEEE, this position is eligible to serve up to two days remote.


You should work alongside diverse groups of people with accountability and compassion; be eager to establish and maintain positive working relationships; and have an equity centered mindset, excellent communication, and interpersonal and organizational skills.

Apply HERE.

About the Organization

As a CFS VISTA Leader, you will serve among a cohort of Community Food Security (CFS) VISTA members throughout Iowa, sponsored by the Center for Energy & Environmental Education at the University of Northern Iowa, and will have frequent opportunities to share knowledge within this community through regular cohort-wide meetings and site visits. In addition to all standard AmeriCorps VISTA benefits, you will engage regularly with thought leaders in local food via the Cedar Valley Regional Food & Farm Network and Regional Food Systems Working Group, in addition to being invited to professional development opportunities coordinated by the VISTA Program Coordinator.

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