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Service Locations

The Community Food Security VISTA Project in Iowa is currently serving through five organizations in Iowa. These sites offer food and land access support with sustainable programming working directly within specific city wards, whole cities, surrounding counties, and even statewide.


University of Northern Iowa - Center for Energy & Environmental Education, Local Food Program

Works to develop a local and regional food system that positively impacts local farmers, consumers and businesses through education, collaboration, and economic development.

Iowa Valley Resource Conservation & Development

Works to grow local economies, strengthen food systems, foster protection and enhancement of natural resources, and develop awareness for the arts, history, and culture.

Feed Iowa First

A grass-roots community of businesses, faith organizations, schools, farmers, and volunteers that unite in relationship-based service to help their neighbors to ‘Combat Food Insecurity by Growing Food and Farmers’.

Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT)

Protects the future of farming in Iowa while promoting sustainable agriculture in order to create an Iowa sustained by wholesome, nature-friendly food grown on community-based farms on permanently protected land.

We Arose Co-op

Network of local farmers, social enterprises, and consumers dedicated to elevating urban farming cooperation by building community and increasing access to local and affordable, healthy food options through education and outreach.

Community Food Security VISTA Project in Iowa Site Map

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